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In 1996, ESG (environmental, social en governance) was low on the corporate agenda. Today, a quarter of a century later, it’s a major topic and with the new upcoming European green deal, the industry, driven by much more consumer environmental awareness, has a big opportunity to change business models into circular ones.

At Blue Oceans, we facilitate equity investments, “together” with young entrepreneurs, who want to change the world into a greener and better place.

We are focussing on smart logistic solutions, as a service model, with the following characteristics:

1) Predictive logistic analyzes
2) E-mobility & autonomous vehicles
3) Digital product coding
4) AI in “syncro-modality”
5) Hyperloop solutions
6) Smart Cities Logistics
7) Green fuels like green hydrogen and/or solar charging solutions
8) Efficient and/or improved e-mobility transmissions
9) Autonomous warehousing & Robotics
10) Water-as-a-service, to save, and capture rain- and/or recycled (waste) water.
11) Additive manufacturing
12) Biodegradable materials to avoid single-use waste
13) IoT asset tracking

If you are a pioneer, and have a project and/or start-up, that fits into our circular vision, do not hesitate to contact me, so we can have a coffee and explore cooperation, financial sponsorship, and creating sustainable growth with real entrepreneurship

If you have a sustainable business case, get in touch with us:

  • Nathalie_1
    Nathalie Riga
    Nathalie Riga has been an entrepreneur since she was 18. After finishing her education, she chose to follow in the footsteps of her mother and go into fashion.
    Managing Director
  • Ludo Gielen
    Ludo S.C. Gielen
    Contact Ludo
    Ludo Gielen is a passionate entrepreneur with extensive experience in converting classic business models into circular models.
    Managing Director