Our mission

The values upheld by Blue Oceans Investments

Blue Oceans Investments is on a mission. We want to invest in a better society. By carefully selecting our projects, we hope to appeal directly to people and help make a difference in their day-to-day lives. Blue Oceans Investments is actively looking for solutions that aim to better your daily life. We want to invest in innovative companies that capitalize on sustainable entrepreneurship. These companies hold society’s fate in their hands.

4 core values are fundamental to the mission of Blue Oceans Investments:


Intellectual property

Business ideas based on the development of a revolutionary product, or building on the innovation of an existing business model: those concepts have our attention. In the latter case, Blue Oceans Investments will be a valuable partner in safeguarding its intellectual property. An innovative view of doing business is at the core of Blue Oceans Investments. We create opportunities for those who show promise of a different perception on how to generate new business.


Do the right thing and do things right

Our society as a whole can no longer ignore the fact that we have to go ‘greener’. Sustainable thinking will undoubtedly impinge on the future of this world. Whereas the environment is indeed one factor in this thought process, there are also other elements to consider when designing a new business. An employer is expected to display a certain level of corporate citizenship. A social awareness, a shared responsibility between company and employees. This will allow the company to find a firm basis in its surrounding social structure.


By and for creative dreamers, with a 361 ° perspective

Start-up companies that like to appeal to our management team and its extensive experience in business and innovation management, financial engineering, IT, legal and marketing. That is excactly what Blue Oceans Investments is searching for. Creative thinkers, people who rise above everyone else. Exceptional beings game for something entirely new, irrespective of their age. People who have the drive, are willing to work hard to make their company succeed and to make their dreams come through.


Business innovation, for the benefit of society

Blue Oceans Investments provides the knowhow to help guide a new company from the moment the very first business concept is draughted. Which activity this newcorp specializes in, or which sector, is less qualifying. What is: its potential to grow into an authoritative corporation in its domain.