Our Strategy

Don’t miss your wave …

Blue ocean strategy is about creating uncontested market space. Too many companies are
swimming in the red ocean of bloody competition where there is limited room for real growth. The
image of the vast blue ocean conveys the infinite possibilities for profitable growth that exist with
this strategy.
Professor W. Chan Kim, co-auteur van 'Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant'

Cirque Du Soleil, Apple, EasyJet, Senseo van Philips, André Rieu. Business ventures of a very different nature, but with one common factor: they have all thrived, based on their very individual market approach. Each of these companies set out to address the consumer market in a way that was radically different from what competing companies had done before them. In order to succeed in business, they created their very own market space.

Blue Oceans Investments has a similar goal. We provide opportunities for those people with innovative ideas. To achieve our objectives, we use the principles formulated by W. Chan Kim en Renee Mauborgne, developers of the Blue Ocean Strategy. We believe traditional business models are overly focused on the competition and what it dictates. A competition that rules the market with a ‘dog eat dog’ mentality. We see the business world as a great ocean filled by sharks, fierce predators all after the same prey. To bloody consequence. This is what we refer to as ‘Red Ocean’.

Imagine then something else altogether. A brandnew ocean, full of endless opportunity, waiting to be discovered. A world of freedom, and all available means for success. A ‘Blue Ocean’. Uncharted territory for every type of business opportunity. A market of exceptional dimensions.

Don´t compete with your rivals, make them irrelevant
W. Chan Kim en Renee Mauborgne

Our Commitment

Aspire to success

Blue Oceans Investments wants to appeal to aspiring entrepreneurs and creative thinkers alike. Do you have a great idea that you mean to capitalize on? Please contact us through our website. Blue Oceans Investments will help you calculate your chances to succeed and look into the ways we may benefit the start-up of your business, by uniting our strengths. How we can link your ideas to our core values, might be a determining factor in our decision to get on board.

What we bring to the table

Exploring your needs

Working with Blue Oceans Investments, entails working with a team of professionals dedicated to your business concept. Our holding will jump on board and share the risk. We can also provide anny start-up capital and prefinance. In turn you will be able to benefit from a very accessible management team, as committed to the task as yourself. A personal approach, to a joint success. We have on board all necessary skills in IT, Marketing, sales, development & innovation, finance, legal.

What we are looking for in you

Man / Woman with a plan

The entrepreneur/inventor will also function as the leader of the start-up company. Our team at Blue Oceans will be part of the project but our point of view is: the man with the plan is the one that should mainly benefit from us working together. In which areas of the market a newcorp may be situated, is less decisive. Being a creative thinker, looking for new markets and/or new products is paramount.

Our view: the man with the plan should benefit
Ludo Gielen