A big part of my professional career I spent in the outskirts of the world. From the most paradisiacal
places till the biggest slumps of the earth. And every time they had one point
in common: it was almost always men’s responsibility for maintaining of letting degenerate these places.

Here and now, in the beginning of the 21st century, men has the
responsibility as well for the near future of this planet. Either we try to
maintain this place as a livable environment or we keep on neglecting and letting
the degeneration take place. I understand that it is perfectly human for men, a
nation, society to go for quick, personal success and fortune. Without thinking
about the consequences for the future generations.

But every initiative that tries to breach this conduct and goes for the bigger picture, sees
the further future gets my approval. An initiative that not only aims for a
quick but also for a durable solution on every aspect from energy, environment,
social balance and globalization gives a surplus to the world. That’s why I
already welcome this initiative: to support people who stick their neck out and
dare to think broader. Because I really would like to leave my son with a
livable and habitable planet. So he might get a chance to find his piece of paradise.

Filip Dewulf - Int. Tennis Player