Blue Oceans is yet another entrepreneurial initiative by Ludo Gielen. After BiPP, Schoeller Arca Systems, Packaging Works Ludo gathered all his experience into a new company that tries to give young entrepreneurs guidance and advice, together with an experienced international management team, to realize their dream. I remember some 10 many years ago, when Ludo was buying his first suit and saw that he was bursting with creativity when it comes to doing business.

We wish him and his team every success and look forward to see how Blue Oceans, in Limburg, but also outside this region, becomes an international success with this concept. A concept that will empower many businesses with the Blue Oceans idea’s to improve people and society.

The last word of Blue Oceans is certainly not yet written and it will only be a matter of months until the initial start-ups gets launched. As a fashion house are we always creative, but we realize more and more that creativity alone is not sufficient. You also need to surround yourself with the right advice and keep being innovative when want to be successful in running a business in a fast-moving consumption world ….. Over a few years, then I will still remember this day as the launch of new great initiative. Good luck!

Stijn Helsen